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Dear Loyalists, we thank you for your patience as we continue the token distribution process. Our tech and support teams have been relentlessly working on your concerns. And while you may be anticipating the prompt transmission of your tokens, we at LoyalCoin are committed to ensuring that the right amount of tokens go to the right people at their right addresses, 100% of the time.

Amid our stringent auditing procedures and the utmost priority we put on accuracy, please be advised that the token distribution will continue for the next few weeks until all our Loyalists are given the tokens they are due to receive. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and we assure that all our contributors will be credited accordingly.

To further show our commitment to improving our systems and delivering more to our dear Loyalists, we are revamping the website next week to add more user-friendly features and a user identification form. We will provide you further updates on the revamp in the coming weeks.

Again, thank you for your support, patience, understanding, and vigilance. Let's continue being a great community by abiding by the basic rules for this channel: no FUD, no profanity, no disrespect, and no talk of other ICOs. For more information about LoyalCoin, you can type #FAQ.

Also, beyond this TGE, we want LoyalCoin to reach exchanges soon. To help us on that goal, we humbly ask you to please continue supporting your LoyalCoin and keep checking on updates on the website and across our official social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Telegram.

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We have sold out all the loyalcoin

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  • BTC 463.2227
  • ETH 2,339.5
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4,750,000,000 LYL Sold

0 LYL remaining

Thank you for making this happen

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LoyalCoin reserves the right to determine if you can use our services, depending on specific laws in your country. People from certain countries (e.g. United States, Iran, North Korea, Singapore, Syria, etc.) may be prevented from participating in LoyalCoin's launch due to legal restrictions. In addition, we reserve the right to amend the terms of the contribution from time to time until the end of the TGE. We note that contributions made to LoyalCoin are non-refundable.

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Our Vision

The LoyalPlatform: Where everyone can earn and use loyalty points everytime, everywhere

  • LoyalCoin
    Unleash the full potential of rewards points
  • LoyalWallet
    Have one hub for storing, redeeming, and transforming your rewards
  • LoyalCoalition
    Be part of the digital alliance redefining rewards for the benefit of all.


  • Universal Rewards
    Earn LoyalCoin from one brand and use it everywhere else
  • Payment Gateway
    Use your rewards to pay for everything you want and need
  • Digital Asset Exchange
    Exchange your rewards for other digital assets
  • Peer to Peer Transfer
    Send and receive rewards to everyone else with LoyalCoin


We are redefining customer loyalty with these groundbreaking launches and technologies.

  • Proof of Concept
    From November 2017 to January 2018, we’re gaining support for LoyalCoin and lining up international pilot tests for LoyalWallet.
  • Public Launch
    LoyalCoin, LoyalWallet, and LoyalCoalition – all rolled out in early 2018. The new loyalty economy begins to take root.
  • Bonus Features
    In the middle of 2018, we’re setting up additional features such as digital payment integrations and AI for rewards.
  • Global Markets
    The world will be ready for our platform – and the revolution in the loyalty economy – over the next two years.


We will revolutionize customer loyalty worldwide through a universal, omnichannel loyalty ecosystem running on the LoyalCoin currency and supported by blockchain technology. 

About Us

Appsolutely provides digital rewards programs for multinational companies. The company has since evolved into an omnichannel platform provider, with a solutions portfolio including e-commerce, digital marketing, web and app development, and logistics.


  • Patrick Paul Palacios
    President and CEO
    Patrick sets the overall direction and aspirations of LoyalCoin.

    Patrick founded Appsolutely in 2013, after seeing the huge growth potential for e-commerce in the Southeast Asian region. Prior to establishing Appsolutely, he went on a stellar two-decade run as a tech entrepreneur and executive, creating digital business ventures Ilios Resources and Helius Tech and setting strategies for tech and telco conglomerates such as Digitel, Nortel, and Lucent.

  • Nitin Chawre
    Chief Operations Officer
    Nitin ensures that the LoyalCoin economy runs smoothly.

    Nitin joined Appsolutely early this year, after building his expertise in global finance technology systems the whole decade. He came from global tech consulting company Capgemini, where he was an expert business analyst who developed solutions for payments, analytics, reporting, and credit card technologies for international companies such as Bank of Montreal and Global Payments Inc.

  • Nigel Hughes
    Chief Technology Officer
    Nigel frames the mechanics and backbone of LoyalCoin.

    Nigel has three decades’ worth of technology expertise under his belt, working on innovations such as blockchain, automation, app creation, trading systems, and more. Over the past four years, he has worked on creating on various blockchain-based applications and developing machine intelligence software for and flight simulator programs for Boeing.

  • Anthony Vipond
    Senior Blockchain Developer
    Anthony builds LoyalCoin’s blockchain roots and spreads it to new horizons.

    Anthony joined Appsolutely all the way from Canada to develop the technology behind LoyalCoin. He was instrumental in creating, one of the highest-trafficked real estate websites in the world. Over the past year, he has also developed smart contracts and provided technical consultancy work.

  • Richard Funk
    Head of Legal and Compliance
    Richard ensures that wherever LoyalCoin goes, it’s on the straight and narrow.

    Richard’s name is synonymous with compliance in the Philippines. He is an independent legal practitioner who led compliance at financial institutions in the Philippines. He also spent more than a decade as head of the compliance division of the Anti-Money Laundering Council for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippines’ central bank.

  • Narciso Villanueva Jr.
    Head of IT
    We call him Jun, the builder of Appsolutely’s tech foundation.

    Jun is a skilled veteran in the IT administration sphere, with two decades of experience. He managed and led dialer systems for four different companies in the previous decade, and then became a solutions engineer at application and database startup Ilios Resources.

  • Rommel Pajarin
    Sales Manager
    Rommel secures businesses’ support of LoyalCoin and related platforms.

    Rommel's two-decade resume in the sales industry features leadership stints at Micros-Fidelio Systems and Oracle. He is credited for spearheading the growth of Oracle’s point-of-sale business for Oracle in a very competitive Philippine market by signing up strategic food and beverage accounts that consist of the most popular upscale-market restaurants such as Yabu, Ippudo, and IHOP.

  • Paolo Bediones
    Head of Communications
    Paolo serves as LoyalCoin's ambassador across all audiences

    Paolo is a broadcast veteran who has appeared in dozens of popular television shows in national networks GMA and TV5 in the Philippines. Aside from being an expert communicator, he is also a professional speaker, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, MBA candidate, and blockchain enthusiast. He serves as LoyalCoin’s chief communicator, conveying and managing its message across different audiences.

  • Justine Peralta
    Product Manager
    Justine oversees how LoyalCoin grows as a product and economic force.

    Justine is a young, fast-rising executive with product leadership stints in four companies in just as many years. She has managed client services for Southeast Asian e-commerce company aCommerce and led digital and product endeavors at fashion startup AVA Online Group.

  • Rowena Delgado
    Product Manager, LoyalCoin
    Rowena bridges LoyalCoin and corporate clients.

    Rowena is a decade-long expert in the financial services industry, managing various financial solutions that cater to a wide variety of users and clients. Before joining Appsolutely, she served as product manager for PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies and had vital roles at institutions such as Banco de Oro and Sun Life Financial. As product manager of LoyalCoin, she serves as bridge between corporate clients and LoyalCoin’s blockchain solutions.

  • Franco Dagelet
    Assistant Product Manager, LoyalCoin
    Franco enhances relationships with enterprises that benefit from LoyalCoin.

    Franco is a young leader with a passion for startups and blockchain. After serving as financial analyst for Citigroup Philippines, he set out to be business development head at startup Loadrunner Logistics, where he cemented his reputation as a young entrepreneur. At Appsolutely, he enhances relationships with enterprises that benefit from LoyalCoin.

  • Malcolm Schaverien
    Global Business Development Head
    Malcolm is working with an international network to allow LoyalCoin's rapid expansion worldwide.

    Malcolm is a managing director and business development expert with decades-long wisdom in everything business-oriented in Thailand. For 20 years, he was managing director of corporate troubleshooting and investigative services firm Expatriate Solutions, where he has built an incomparable Rolodex of business contacts. Wielding those links, he allows LoyalCoin to launch and spread quickly in Thailand.

  • Koji Kawato
    Japan Country Head
    Koji builds LoyalCoin's presencce in Japan, the first of many Asian countries we target.

    Koji is a leader of investors across multiple countries. Following a management stint at Fujitsu Philippines, he headed P&P Investor Group, a promotion company for Filipino and Japanese investors. He joined LoyalCoin to expand its reach in Japan and to create connections across Asian countries as the first country head for Japan.

  • Katie Hendrickson
    Business Development Manager for North America
    Katie bridges LoyalCoin across both sides of the Pacific and manages its US expansion.

    Katie is a marketing, accounts management, and technology savant with extensive experience in companies as diverse as ViaWest, IAC, Bluefin Media, AOL, and more. She serves as LoyalCoin’s ambassador for its North American ambitions, linking both side of the Pacific with innovative business arrangements.

  • Paul Samiliano
    UI/UX Designer
    Paul ensures that your LoyalCoin experience is smooth as silk.

    Paul has been enhancing users’ Web and app visuals and experiences for the past decade. He has been instrumental in improving user interfaces at international insurance, business outsourcing, finance, and theme park entertainment companies.

  • Alfred Flores
    Digital Media Planner
    Alfred spreads LoyalCoin's message across multiple countries and platforms.

    Alfred brings with him significant experience in business development and digital media buying, He has created, measured, and optimized ad campaigns for several major clients such as Okada Manila, Banco de Oro, Wendy’s Philippines, and Huawei. This track record has made him a qualified strategist in LoyalCoin’s ad campaigns and digital strategy worldwide.

  • Miko Ilas
    Digital Content Manager
    Miko crafts LoyalCoin's written message online and beyond.

    Miko has spent his entire professional life in the business writing field, from breaking news about US media companies to in-depth industry reports for S&P. At Appsolutely, he oversees just about every word of LoyalCoin’s messaging, including this whitepaper.


  • Stephen Chia
    Regional Head for Southeast Asia of NEM Foundation

    Stephen is renowned in Southeast Asia as a leader for technology-related businesses, most recently at NEM. Before he became NEM’s leader for the region, he backed fiber Internet company Cambodian Broadband Technologies Co. Ltd. in 2008 through a seed investment still maintains. He also served as a director of Malaysian property development company Palam Mesra for 26 years and mobile technology company ADAcode Systems, also in Malaysia, for almost four years. He also led Malaysian wireless broadband Internet service provider BizSurf from 2002 through 2008.

  • Nelson Valero
    Council Member at NEM Foundation

    Nelson played a vital role in setting up an effective community management, social media, and other public-facing endeavors of the NEM Foundation. His decade-long expertise as systems administrator for the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations equipped him with the necessary skills to take NEM’s message worldwide. He is advising LoyalCoin to ensure that the right message gets delivered across multiple digital platforms.

  • Mike Onghai
    CEO, LookSmart and Snowy August Management

    Mike was the third member of the GeoCities team, which Yahoo bought in 1999. Since then, the UCLA alumnus became a hedge fund manager for a family office in New York, took over Nasdaq-listed company LookSmart in 2013, and ran two software companies. He is also on the board of three public companies, including MGTI, John Mcafee's cybersecurity and cybercurrency mining company, LookSmart Group, which is launching a blockchain fund, and Tongxin, a China based auto accessories company.

  • Andrew Ong
    Owner, Gong Cha Philippines

    Andrew brought Gong Cha, a global franchise of Taiwanese milk tea shops, to the Philippines in 2011, and has since ran the business and spearheaded the popularity of milk tea in the country. Gong Cha Philippines has been an early adopter and believer of Appsolutely’s loyalty technology, including LoyalCoin. This Boston University graduate has since brought in another international franchise, Los Angeles-based Pizza Studio, to the Philippines.

  • Alan Soucy
    CEO, Sparkpr

    Alan has led Silicon Valley-oriented Sparkpr, which was named Public Relations Agency of the Year by industry publication PR World, since 2006. His 25-year experience in managing and directing technology services and products has informed the tech-centric approach of Sparkpr, which counts dozens of Fortune 500 companies and successful cryptocurrency companies as some of its clients. He hails from the University of Rhode Island.

  • Solomon Castro
    Managing Director, CFP Transaction Advisors

    Solomon is an internationally trained lawyer with more than 15 years of professional experience in corporate finance, infrastructure, and development consulting. The Cornell University Master of Laws graduate is currently a project advisor to the developer of the Philippines’ largest Greenfield self-generation project.

  • Hector Florento
    Finance Director, CFP Transaction Advisors

    Hector is a finance specialist who has advised Philippine government agencies and various USAID and other donor-funded projects over the past decade. The University of Cambridge alumnus has been an investment banking professional who assisted various companies in raising long-term capital through public offerings or private placements.

  • Steven Tan
    CEO of Assuret LLC

    Steven is a man who has worn many hats as an investor, business developer, solar engineer, and real estate technologist. He is the CEO of property investment company Assuret LLC and sits on the advisory board of Quianjiang Economic Zone for Hangzhou City, high-tech realtor FrontDoor Inc. and real estate smart contract company Averspace Pet Ltd. He has also taken part in the world’s largest solar aircon project. His experience in multiple fields will immensely help LoyalCoin as it spreads to multiple industries.

  • Jay Fajardo
    CEO of Launchgarage and Proudcloud

    Jay is a serial tech entrepreneur, advocate, and leader. He is currently founder and CEO of Ruby development shop ProudCloud, co-founder and chief technology officer of HealthTech startup MEDIFI, and founder of LaunchGarage, an innovation hub based in Manila. A long-time believer in Appsolutely’s capabilities and potential, he will provide technical advice for the next step in this customer loyalty innovator’s journey.

  • Jojo Flores
    Co-Founder of Plug and Play Technology Center

    Jojo is a leader in the tech innovation space, serving as a co-founder of Silicon Valley-based venture fund, innovation platform, startup accelerator, and corporate innovation consultancy Plug and Play. Bridging the growing Asian startup scene and Silicon Valley’s established technology credentials, He will work hand in hand with Appsolutely to bring LoyalCoin across the Pacific.

  • Yobie Benjamin
    Founder of Token Inc.

    Yobie founded TokenOS, an operating system for open banking that features smart tokenization. He also leads technology development for cloud-based financial software company ClickSWITCH and co-founded virtual reality software company Avegant, a In addition, he was invited as a technology pioneer for the World Economic Forum in 2015.

  • Ryan Scott
    CEO of ICO Advisory Group and Causecast

    Ryan is creator and leader of ICO Advisory Group, a reputable advisory firm for blockchain-based digital assets, and Causecast, a cause engagement software-as-a-service company. He also serves as an advisor at BlockRx, Karma International LLC, and He is providing LoyalCoin an adequate runway in terms of launching in North America.

  • Emerson Fonseca
    Head of NEM Philippines

    Emerson advocates blockchain technology in the Philippines through his leadership role for NEM in the country. Drawing from his expertise gained at previous managerial roles at Hewlett Packard and Philips Electronics, he has since guided LoyalCoin’s bounty, community, marketing strategies, and communications for investment opportunities.

  • Scott Robinson
    Founder and Vice President of Plug and Play FinTech

    Scott is a financial technology visionary who formed Plug and Play FinTech, a startup accelerator program for fintech. He is also an early backer and vocal advocate of blockchain, founding Plug and Play Bitcoin in November 2013. He helps optimize and expedite LoyalCoin’s growth while connecting it the top-tier businesses.

  • Ryan Dominic Araneta Sy
    Business Development Director, VentureCapital Holdings Corp.

    Ryan is an experienced professional in investment management, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions. As head of ventures for VentureCapital Holdings Corp, he provides critical advice to portfolio companies in the health care, fintech, hospitality, and BPO sectors. He’s also experienced in financial services, foreign exchange, and trading in gold and CFDs. He guides LoyalCoin in reaching greater heights by helping LoyalCoin with gaining access to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian markets.


  • World Crypto Economic Forum
    January 15 - 16, 2018
    San Francisco
  • The North American Bitcoin Conference
    January 18 - 19, 2018
  • LoyalCoin Merchant Mixer
    January 21, 2018
    Los Angeles
  • NEM Japan Meetup
    January 28, 2018
  • LoyalCoin on Tour: Cebu Meetup
    January 31, 2018
    Cebu City, Philippines


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